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Artificial SOULS

A Performance Piece

About Artificial Souls

Artificial Souls is an operatic multi-sensory musical performance, challenging the boundaries of artificial life and living. In collaboration with Stanford Arts and Sciences I partnered with                                        to co-create a novel performance series probing questions of life, modernity and our future. The Stanford Daily described the piece as a "turing test of the soul [which] unfolds in an explosion of sound, gesture and an audience-dependent variable narrative." As a Stanford Student, I contributed to the composition, unique story lines, choreography, 3D projection and novel "interactive instrument components. This opportunity allowed me to design durable performance hardware (such as the spectrum lighted sonic crates) designed for energetic contact and dancer interaction. Every performance of Artificial Souls was modulated by audience engagement and explored unique avenues of current debates regarding instilling Artificial Intelligence with components of a conscience; furthermore, exploring the essence of that which makes us human.

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