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The the newest edition of the gamma musical/medical instruments is the Gamma MOON (Musical Omnisensory Orbital Neuroinstrument). This instrument features a capacitive interface which delivers multisensory gamma stimulation through audio, visual, haptic and tactile feedback. The new contact arrangement allows both patients and members of the care team to create high-level musical abstractions or compositions. Gamma MOON's heightened sensorial engagement recruits increased cognitive entrainment, multimodal expression and creative freedom.


The Gamma MOON increases the likelihood of gamma entrainment, efficacy and patient compliance/enjoyability. The various mediums of light, sound, vibration and music are all installed within the single portable device. The Gamma MOON transforms any room into a multisensory gamma space. The  iridescent array of hues flickering at 40hz and congruent tones allows the experience to be captivating, encouraging increased usage. User testing reveals that 93% of individuals spent increased time with the Gamma MOON vs. other iterations and prototypes.


Using capacitive touch tracking, the raised tactile adornments allow patients and users to interact on a dynamically musical level.  The colourful 40hz lights are programmed to be hand-following to direct eye-gaze and encourage interaction. Vibration is activated via gesture and increases and decreases in cycles to mitigate any possible discomfort. 

Gamma MOON Instrument.jpeg
Gamma MOON Instrument Updates.jpeg

■ Dynamic hand following 40hz lights

■ Tactile feedback

Euphonious tonalities


Upcoming studies will further evaluate ​the Gamma MOON both in lab and home settings. Areas of focus include using EEG to track entrainment over specified time intervals as well as a more longitudinal user-study to evaluate the impact of this form factor on overall compliance. Further iterations can recruit broader sensory input such as olfactory stimulation. 

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