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Tend The Sonic Fire

Both an instrument and a controller, the kindling can be used to perform scales, and melodies or initiate loops and max patches. The thin sticks that are gathered from the forest floor are withheld from the consuming fire and gifted instead to the embers of musicality.

About Kindling

When man first created fire, the world changed. When man created music, sonic landscapes reconstructed. Kindling draws these ancient traditions together in one instrument. Kindling allows the composer to construct music the way one would construct sticks of kindling to make a fire.


In order to get a fire started, the kindling can be arranged in specific ways to aerate the sparks. The arrangement can be different every time and a unique flame will follow. In the Kindling instrument sparks of ideas are aerated by human engagement with firewood. Copper wiring attached to closed-circuit sensing Arduino systems allow euphonious sounds to arise as the composer interacts with these humble objects.

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