Some Of My Incredible Mentors

Tod Machover
Opera of the Future Director
Dr. Michael Casey
Dartmouth College
Bregman Labs
Dr. Spencer Topel
Bregman Labs
Dr. Gabriele Vanoni
Dartmouth, Berklee College of Music, Electroacoustic Music
Dr. Michael Shanks
Stanford, Design, History, Research
Sunny Nam
Jacob's Well Mastering, Audio Engineer, Dartmouth Lecturer
Dr. Cliff Nass
Stanford, Human Machine Interaction
1958 - 2013
Dr. Clay Carson
Stanford, Multimedia History, King Center
Amy Garapic
Dartmouth Educator, Producer, Musician
Jon Appleton
Professor, Composer, Sound Pioneer
Dr. Noam Sagiv
Brunel University, Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging, Professor, Researcher
Basil Twist
Artist, Designer, Puppeteer
Linda Livingston
BMI, Senior Director of Film/TV Music
Seth Riggs
Musician, Composer, Vocalist
Dr. Geoffrey Tyack
Oxford University Professor, Architecture
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Dr. Joseph O'Donnell
Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry
Dr. Tobi Beetz
Stanford, Pysics and Nanotechnology
Dr. Jonathan Berger
Stanford, CCRMA
Dr. William Petig
Stanford University Professor, Author
Dr. Gili Drori
Stanford, Science Technology, Society
Alvin Lucier
Composer, Inventor, Sound Pioneer
Jodie Blum
Recording Academy, Executive Director
Manuela Testolini
Law, Altruism, Founder of In A Perfect World
Len Wisniewski
Director, Engineering
Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University
Nathan Davis
Dartmouth Lecturer, Electronic Composer, Percussionist
Axel Steuerwald
International Musician
Linda Finnegan
Kids With A Cause Charity, Founder
Aleta Hayes
Stanford University, Lecturer, Cultural and Performance History
Dr. Madison Richardson
Cedars, Sinai, MD, Audiology,Otolaryngology, Speech
Dr. Karen Kochis
Language, Speech and Hearing Center, Professor
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