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Conference & Publishing

July 2016, NIME - Driftwood: Redefining Sound Sculpture Controllers (Findings in Abstractive Sonic Consciousness) - Poster Demo & Journal Publishing


November 2015, McGill University - Learning and Teaching Music: The Contribution of Science and Technology: Rehabilitation, Education and Music Technology - Presenter & Journal Publishing 


October 2015, Dartmouth College - Neuroscience Retreat Blitz Talk: “Using Technology and Software To Test The Brain” - Blitz Talk Presenter


October 2015, Dartmouth College - Audio/Visual Synthesis: Cross Modal Cognition - Presenter 


August 2015, Royal College Manchester UK - European Society for The Cognitive Sciences Of Music (ESCOM) - Cognitive Responses to Audio/Visual Stimuli - Presenter & Journal Publishing


August 2015, Vanderbilt - Society For Music Perception and Cognition - Hearing Hidden Pictures Inside of Sounds - Poster Presenter & Journal Publishing 


May 2015, Alcala Spain - Fifth International Synesthesia Conference - Non-Auditory Associations Of Musical and Non-Musical Sounds in General Listeners - Poster Presenter & Journal Publishing 


October 2014, Dartmouth College - Audio/Visual Synthesis: Synesthesia, Messiaen and Audio-Visual Associations - Presenter


March 2014, USC - Provost Funded Graduate Conference & Seminar: Hidden Architecture In Sonic Structures - Presenter 


February 2014, Stanford University, CCRMA Music & The Brain (J. Berger) Presentation: Auditory Synesthesia Testing Software - Presenter


November 2013, Oxford University Conference: Science, Technology,  Music  and Art in WWII - Presenter


November 2013, Marseille, France - Stanford Bing Conference:  Student Speaker


July 2011, Stanford, CA - Youth Computer Science Seminar: Workshop Educator


September 2010, Stanford - Cardinal Principle: The Importance Of Youth Science & Arts Education in Developing Countries - Article Writer


January 2010, New York, United Nations - International Women’s Rights Conference - Speaker


June 2010, Toronto, Canada, G20 Conference: Youth Delegate, Presented Communique To G20 Leaders On Equality, Human Rights and Science Education - Presenter


October 2009, California - Tavis Smiley - Road To Health : Arts, Music and The Effect Upon Cognition and Physical Health - Speaker & Video - Presenter 


September 2009, Stanford, Global Justice Lawyering Conference: “New Fronts of Medical Voluntourism” - Speaker


July 2009, UCLA,  Law School and Department of Education ,“Youth Voice Conference” : Youth Activism and Altruism - Speaker

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