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Brief research summary.

A one minute video introducing my design, the Sensiturn. This device is one of the  MediMusical Instruments being deployed in a research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital for stroke patients unable to receive in-person rehabilitation.

-Alexandra Rieger


Designing for Efficacy & Global Equity.

Omnisensory Cognition and MediMusical Designs take a personalizedaccess-driven and data-based approach to fill telehealth and medical equity gaps.

Mini Documentary

Memory MusicBox

MediMusical Composition

This 2.5 minute mini documentary created by the Media Lab's Internal Production team features more of my story, creating music programs globally and designing MediMusical Instruments for health equity. 

A two minute video featuring the Memory MusicBox I CoDesigned with colleague Dr. Rebecca Kleinberger based upon principles of my coins term 'Cognitively Sustainable Design' to remotely support elder wellbeing.

A quick excerpt sharing my live performance at the MIT BrainMind Conference, featuring my songwriting and composition 'Lighthouse' on my self-designed Gamma Moon Alzheimer's Treatment Instrument. 

Motif Feat. In ACM ISWC

Brainwave Design

Designing Connection

One minute video showing my design for Motif: A Wearable Sonic Device for Memory Support. This fashionable wearable is able to cue music for specific, individualized memory triggers. 

One minute excerpt of my collaboration with Bregman Labs and the Neukom Institute, co-designing real time Human/AI Brainwave Music Experience at the Hood Museum Reopening.

One minute introductory video featured at CHI of the MIT Community Challenge: Designing a Platform to Promote Prosocial Behavior. Learnings have been integrated into MIT's Annual RAK Week Experiences. 

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