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My work throughout the world and myriad academic experiences have informed some of the larger questions in my research. I explore the way the mind works through the window of cross modal neuroscience, social cognitive interactions and perception.


Current Studies

I began my research as an undergraduate at Stanford under the guidence of Dr. Jonathan Berger and Dr. Toby Beetz. Currently I am a part of Dartmouth’s Bregman Media Labs as a graduate researcher with Dr. Michael Casey and Dr. Spencer Topel. Neuroscientist Gottfried Schlaug expressed that sound and music may indeed be the language through which we can best interact with the human brain. The portions of the brain which enable hearing and sound processing are vastly interconnected and far-reaching thus, music and sound induce specific affects in humans. My research is geared to gaining a better understanding of the complexities of the human mind. I have found that cognitive musicology when combined with technologically-aided analysis and medical imaging, provides a fascinating window into the brain. Strides in these areas will contribute to social neuroscience and cognitive studies affecting conditions such as Autism, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and further illnesses whether developmental or sudden onset. CLICK HERE for more info.

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