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Alexandra Rieger


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Sensory Music Project

A tool for kids, researchers, scientists and individuals to unlock their associations to music.

Music Background

My musical background, history and training. 

A Collaboration With A Musical Master. 

Alvin Lucier Project


A Conceptual Instrument Where One Composes Music By Arranging Firewood

A multi-sensory operatic performance series challenging bounderies

of artificial  life and living. 

Artificial Souls

A Star In You

Giving Chronically Ill Youths in Hospitals and Care Facilities A Stage To Shine and Heal Through Music.

The Dulciplura

A Modular Dulcimer Where Electronics Meets Tradition

Global Initiative

Connecting the world through charity. A global literacy initiative. 

The Mind On Music

My Research Reveals Novel Ways Of Detecting The Brain's Response To Music.


A Conceptual Fluxus Instrument Composed Of Refined Scrapwood and Philosophical Theories


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