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Learn more about my background in music, composition and instrument design.

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As a multi-instrumentalist  I am classically trained and perform on over 20 instruments including the piano, harp, zither and flute to name a few. Some of the instruments I play are rare, or obsolete but hold incredible musical expressivity.

I have performed with both invented and traditional instruments at conferences and concerts globally both in person and via telepresence. 

Early Start

From the beginning>

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A musician at heart, I started playing the piano at age 2½, was accepted into the Heidelberg Music Conservatory at 5 (pictured) and performed for hospitals, charities and benefit concerts world wide ever since.

Seeing the positive impact of music and health early on I am grateful to explore these intersection as a neuroscientist and musician.


Over 100 live performances including the GRAMMYs Youth Showcase, The United Nations, BBKing Blues Club, Hollywood Improv, Room 5, The UK’s Corpus Christi Concert Hall, The Heidelberg Music Conservatory and Comic Con. Also featured on Stanford University Soundtrack | VOL 10, 2011 #7, Album: Publisher: BMI, London, UK, Los Angeles, CA. 


and instrument inventor>

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As a luthier and instrument inventor, I have invented over 10 instruments and devices designed for a range of tasks from virtuosic performance to accessible music making and cognitive therapies. I have several patents pending.


Composer of over 100 original songs, scores and performance pieces. 


Connections through music>


Collaborators on this journey include Sheldon Reynolds (Earth, Wind & Fire), City Symphonies  Composer Tod Machover, Mastering Lab's Sangwook "Sunny" Nam (Graham Nash, David Gilmore), Scott Gilman (Nat Geo).

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